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Welcome to Boyd-Thorpe Associates | catering consultants

Whether you are testing the feasibility of a new venture, creating an exciting new cafe concept, seeking best value from a catering tender, optimising financial performance or improving your in-house catering - you've come to the right people. For 25 years Boyd-Thorpe Associates has helped clients in both the museum, heritage and arts sector and in the area of open spaces to optimise their cafe concessions and in-house catering operations. Our talented team of foodservice management consultants firmly believes that one size certainly doesn't fit all. So, we approach every challenge with a fresh pair of eyes - plus a deep knowledge of the strategies and solutions proven to deliver results.

What makes us special is the way we, as catering consultants, sensitively balance commercial and curatorial goals, together with brand values, to achieve rewarding returns. We never shrink from accepting - or offering - a challenge. And we are unwavering in our commitment to integrity, honesty and professional conduct. We hope our reputation for informed analysis, incisive thinking and inspired solutions will make us the right partner to work with to realise your vision.