Tim Dunn


Tim Dunn is proud to lay claim to a comprehensive ‘apprenticeship’ of more than 35 years within the foodservice industry. Starting in the manufacturing sector, he subsequently progressed, via planning and management roles to eventually become Design General Manager for Sutcliffe Catering (then, a division of the P&O Group) heading up a team of seven designers. Foodservice Design Consultancy was therefore a natural progression and after a further 12 years working with others Tim formed his own practice, which is now in its 5th year.

His career path has embraced all project disciplines and it is this diversity of skills that has provided him with a full, comprehensive and practical knowledge of all sectors of the catering marketplace.

Schemes have included new-build and refurbished establishments, both in the UK and overseas, within a wide range of foodservice environments including: Business and Industry, Hotel and Leisure, Hospitals and Institutions, Marine and Cruise, Retail and Commerce, as well as Schools and Universities.

There are certain individual characteristic and guidelines that apply to the planning of each of these categories, but Tim believes that added value can be gained by intelligent lateral thinking and by applying some of the fresh ideas that will have been uncovered by work in the alternative market sectors.

He considers that each foodservice project will be unique in some respect and will consequently throw up fresh design challenges. There are always elements of a scheme, no matter how small or large, that will demand fresh ideas and inventive thinking. Each scheme must therefore be planned on its merits and regarded as an exciting, distinct and individual prospect.

Tim Dunn’s philosophy is that it is essential, for continued success, to remain at the top of the information ‘mountain’; to apply new ideas and adopt appropriate systems that will ultimately benefit the Client with a ‘smart’, efficient design.

Tim Dunn has been a full, professional member of the FCSI since 2002 and is a valued specialist member of the Boyd-Thorpe Associates team.