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Café kitchen and interior design

Through an associate design practise we provide café kitchen and interior design services as follows:

  • Client brief: establishment of design criteria.
  • Schematic café design: sketch layouts, indicative service requirements, budget costs.
  • Design preparation: preparation of 'softline' plans, MEP services, catalogue equipment sheets, revised preliminary budget costs, coordination of design team elements.
  • Contract documentation: preparation of 'hardline' plans, MEP services drawings, elevations/section drawings, specifications and catalogue sheets for tender, schedules of equipment, builders' work drawings, final estimate of costs, issue of tender.
  • Contract negotiation: tender evaluation and report, negotiation of contract prices with tenderers.
  • Contract administration: control/approval of all drawings by equipment sub-contractors, control of all variations in association with design team, preparation and issue of progress and admin reports.
  • Testing and commissioning: testing of all equipment, issue of results reports and amendment recommendations, control of linal measurement, all works of guarantee, approval of as-built drawings and control of technical/operating manuals.

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