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Catering tenders

We are told that an appetite for detail and accurate analysis make competitive tendering of catering contracts one of our key strengths. It's true that we take a meticulous approach to fully managing the process; from the initial production of tender documentation, to bid analysis and contract negotiations.

Over the last two decades we have managed competitive tenders for a wide range of clients and for varying contract sizes and structures, including turnover-based concession contracts, leases, cost-plus, fixed-price and nil-subsidy contracts.  In many cases these contracts have included capital investment from the caterer into refurbishment or new build projects. In  addition, our team has undertaken multi-site tenders for a number of clients where group contracts have been established.

Boyd-Thorpe Associates' expertise covers all aspects of the tender process and enables us to assist our clients with any, or all, of the following activities:

  • Pre-qualification selection process including; drafting advertisements for tender, preparing prequalification questionnaires, analysis of prequalification information, site visit evaluation, shortlist recommendations
  • Preparation of tender documents including; the invitation to tender, service specification, draft contract terms, tender acceptance and submissions
  • Tender issue including; management of tender publication, correspondence with candidates and attendance at pre tender site visits
  • Bid analysis including; operational, technical and financial evaluation of the bids, comparative analysis of submissions and executive reporting
  • Contract negotiation including; liaison between client and contractor during final negotiations and contract exchange

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