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Customer service audits

Through a series of inspections ranging from unannounced mystery-shopper-style visits to formal audits, our consultants provide an independent perspective on customer service. Our customer service reviews can include (but are not limited to):

  • Service standards audit: A consultant-led review of the service, covering menu range, food presentation, food quality, efficiency of service, portion sizes, marketing and merchandising techniques, signage, staff presentation, customer care, selling prices, cleanliness, ambience and maintenance standards.
  • Mystery diners: A customer led review of the service received during an unannounced visit to a café, restaurant, kiosk, bar or event.
  • Mystery enquirers: An independent assessment of how well your sales team handle event enquiries.
  • Customer surveys: An independent customer survey to measure customer satisfaction on current facilities and explore areas for potential development.
  • Evaluation of KPIs: An independent appraisal of the caterer's achievement of key performance indicators.
  • Benchmarking: A measure of how well you are performing against the competitor market on areas such as spend per head, penetration levels, spend per visitor, revenue per seat, menu offer, tariffs etc.

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