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Health & safety/food safety audits

Health and safety and food safety inspections can be carried out as part of a business performance review process or as part of an annual auditing process. The purpose of the inspection is to identify, isolate and action potential environmental or due diligence problems before they become an issue. The final report we deliver itemises any areas requiring improvement and allocates a percentage score to each area independently, in addition to an overall site rating. This rating can be used year-on-year to benchmark future performance.

The respective audits will examine key areas as follows:


Health & safety audit:

Food safety audit:

  • Risk assessments
  • Accident and emergency reporting procedures
  • First aid provision
  • Correct application of an incident book
  • Fire precautions
  • Control of substances harmful to health
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Manual handling operations
  • General safety practises
  • Safety training
  • Management systems and controls
  • Structural standards
  • Equipment standards
  • Contamination control
  • Temperature control
  • Cleaning standards
  • Personal hygiene
  • Food storage
  • Waste management
  • Pest control
  • Management systems and control
  • Staff training
  • Compliance procedures

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