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Market research

Our team can undertake a broad selection of industry-specific market research offerings, including but not limited to the following:

  • Qualitative and quantitative market research studies: These play a useful role by providing independent opinion and feedback. They may take the form of face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, a focus group discussion, and/or paper or e-mail questionnaires. Such research is often carried out as part of a business improvement review or in advance of a new business venture. However, many clients choose to use market research to monitor customer feedback on an ongoing basis and find value in the independent analysis of the results.

  • Demand assessment: Assessing and monitoring likely demand is a key exercise in establishing a new catering operation or maintaining an existing one. Using visitor statistics, socio-economic profile data, visitor dwell times, visiting patterns, café location criteria and other relevant data we can assess the overall market size and characteristics and thereby determine the likely mix of catering demand given the make up of potential visitors.

  • Competitor analysis: To stay ahead of the competition it is vital to understand the nature and extent of the catering supply within similar/competitor locations as well as the macro environment in which a café or restaurant is operating. Field competition surveys gather useful, actionable information on the style of offers available, the pricing points, the target market and the level of branding - amongst a range of other considerations - the analysis and measurement of which can be tailored specifically to your venue and your market.

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