Meet the team

Every member of our talented team has hands-on catering experience as well as that all-important ability to interpret information and communicate results and ideas. We'd like you to meet them.


Fiona Boyd-Thorpe
Founder & Lead Consultant
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First job: At a local bakery, aged 13. By 15 I was in charge of the shop!
Best career moment: Winning the consultancy for the House of Commons strategic review in 1992.
Top hospitality experience: Castlereagh Bungalow, Tea Trails, Sri Lanka.
Couldn't entertain without: My partner to wash up behind me!
Favourite way to spend an afternoon: With my family or taking a long walk in the countryside.


Senior Consultant (Financial & Administration)
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First job: Room maid & waitress in parents’ hotel (age 10!), then trainee manager at Coylum Bridge Hotel.
Best career moment: Receiving BS570 for the catering operation at Shell UK.
Top hospitality experience: At a French catering contractor meeting in Paris: awesome surroundings & food.
Couldn't entertain without: Dare I say - wine?! Also, balsamic vinegar & pine nuts.
Favourite way to spend an afternoon: On a beach with a good book or watching my kids play football.


Senior Consultant
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First job: Serving meals to the students at Exeter College Oxford.
Best career moment: Being thrown in the deep end to run a 350 seat food court, turning over 1.5 million which went on to become the most profitable in the company.
Top hospitality experience: I always enjoy working with people who have a passion for food & good service.
Couldn't entertain without: Music, when I’m cooking or to set the mood.
Favourite way to spend an afternoon: Going for a luxurious spa to relax and unwind.


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First job: Fruit picking on a farm in Surrey.
Best career moment: Re launching a flagship £1.2m pub as a food led operation.
Top hospitality experience: The tasting menu at Tom Aitken's restaurant- showed me what our industry is capable of.
Couldn't entertain without: Great company!
Favourite way to spend an afternoon: Watching a Grand Prix after Sunday roast with family and friends.


Sales & Administration

First job: Summer job helping in Personnel.
Best career moment: Recognition at the company conference for the achievements of my business unit.
Top hospitality experience: My children’s amazing skill creating a stunning event to celebrate my ** birthday!
Couldn't entertain without: Inspiration to create a unique dish
Favourite way to spend an afternoon: With my daughters enjoying English afternoon champagne tea.


Associate Health & Safety Consultant
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First job: Making cheese.
Best career moment: Establishing Food Safety Case Law.
Top hospitality experience: The Orient Express.
Couldn't entertain without: My Wife!
Favourite way to spend an afternoon: Any top class sport (i.e. at the Emirates!).


Associate Foodservice Designer
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First job: As a Cartographic Draughtsman for the Electricity Board.
Best career moment: Forming my own practice – a life-time ambition.
Top hospitality experience: Design work in the cruise ship world (research trips to Scandinavia & West Indies).
Couldn't entertain without: Enthusiasm and energy.
Favourite way to spend an afternoon: Attendance at a major sporting event with good company.