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Operational reviews

In order to deliver a robust concept and service standards review, our team scrutinises each 'customer-focused' aspect of the catering operation. Such scrutiny can include on-site observation, discussion with the client and the catering team, visitor surveys and a detailed examination of visitor profile information.

In order to provide a rounded, actionable review we divide the aspects into two categories as follows: 


The base concept:

Actual service standards:

  • Overall catering concept (café, cafeteria, restaurant)
  • Menu style and menu range
  • Style of service
  • Opening times
  • Selling price policy and tariff structure
  • Food production methods
  • Facility design
  • Interior design and ambiance
  • Food quality
  • Food presentation
  • Counter presentation
  • Speed of service
  • Staff appearance
  • Staff attitude
  • Quality of service
  • General cleanliness of the facilities

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