Evening Use of Parks for Restaurants- Green Places, January 2011

Fiona Boyd-Thorpe was invited to speak at the Green Spaces Forum Conference in December 2010. The topic - Evening Use of Parks for Restaurants - was well received by the 100 London Borough Park managers attending the conference despite concluding that evening use of parks was extremely difficult and problematic to introduce and to manage.

Drawing on 20 years experience of consulting within the open spaces market, Fiona talked delegates through the potential for evening opening and the pitfalls and problems that may be encountered. Accessibility, security, lighting and tenant capabilities were just some of the problems park managers experienced. Fiona explained that those cafes and restaurants that have succeeded with an evening market tend to be ones on the edge of the park in well lit areas. A synopsis of the delivery was reproduced in an article in the Green Places magazine. To view the article click here.


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