London Zoo Catering Strategy Set Out

 BTA have completed the strategic review of the public catering services at London Zoo which will inform the design brief for the redevelopment of the catering facilities on the site....

The report advised on future concepts and operational management of the visitor catering services at the Zoo which attracts in excess of 1 million visitors per annum.  Working with SHH, architects and Humble Arnold Associates, foodservice designers, the team have produced a master plan for the site which includes the major overhaul and redevelopment of the Regent Building and the satellite catering units.  Planning permissions are currently being sought after which the detailed design process will commence.

In the meantime BTA have been appointed to manage the competitive tender process to secure a contract caterer to manage the public catering service post redevelopment. Working with the catering manager and finance director of London Zoo we completed a rigorous shortlisting exercise and are currently out to tender.  Tenders are due back in February 2012.





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