Winter Healthcheck

The quiet winter period may seem like the perfect time for putting your feet up and taking a rest but, if you want to be ahead of the competition next season, it's worth taking time to prepare yourself. (more...)

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Which is more powerful - Social Media Kred or Street Cred?

I have just been engaged in an interesting Tweeting debate with a very well respected fellow FCSI consultant, on the value of high Social Media Kred versus high Street Cred. Social media is the marketing tool of the moment and of course has a very important role to play in business promotion but can it replace the value of Street Cred; the credibility of the person, company or organisation on the ground in "real" life; the value of personal recommendation and referral? (more...)

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The Dangers of Market Research Interpretation

Even the big guns in market research can get it wrong sometimes and no more so than the guys at Coca Cola. Here we explore the story behind new Coke and the market research lessons we can all learn from the Pepsi/Coke battle for market share. (more...)

The Future of Mobile Smartphones in Marketing

2012 is predicted to be the year in which mobile smartphone applications truly come of age in marketing in the UK. With this in mind we take a look at the technologies currently available and those just emerging and ask, “What are their potential applications within our industry?” (more...)