Caffe Culture Exhibition News

On our visit to the Caffe Culture show at Olympia last week we saw a number of interesting and innovative products, displays and pieces of catering equipment the best of which we would like to share with you here. (more...)

Make the Most of the Opportunity

Tender complete√, contract in place√, caterer settled into kitchen√, sit back and relax X. Although you may engage a contract caterer to manage your catering facilities don’t presume your job is over. The approach you take to managing the contract can play a huge part in subsequent service standards (more...)

Changes Afoot?

The last few years have seen some interesting new players entering the concession catering market. Are they here to stay and what impact will they have on the concession catering sector? We explore the newcomers and what value they bring to the client. (more...)

Are we Asking Too Much of the Caterer?

With the capital investment sums required to secure a commercial catering contract creeping up and up we have been asking “Are we expecting too much of the catering companies?” (more...)