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Concerned about ongoing contract management?

To be truly successful, a catering facility must be based upon firm and well-balanced foundations - meaning that all aspects of the operation are clearly developed and defined to meet the customer's needs, the client's and caterer's business goals and the caterer's operational imperatives. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the ongoing service needs to be regularly monitored and reviewed to ensure that it continues to deliver the expected standards, complies with legislation, maximises the business opportunity available and keeps pace with market trends. In concession contracts it is important that the turnover figures are audited to ensure that the correct percentage-related concession is being paid.

Boyd-Thorpe Associates offers an ongoing performance management service providing effective business intelligence through a regular review programme. As distinct from one off audits, regular perfomance monitoring provides valuable feedback on a predictable, regular basis.

Here's how we help clients to manage their catering contracts:
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